Goalie Trainer for iPad

Goalie Trainer is a lacrosse goalie training tool available exclusively for your iPad. It is the best way to practice shadow goaltending.

Shadow goaltending is a practice technique used by top lacrosse goalies. You practice the different save motions with your goalie stick but without a shooter. It is similar to how boxers and martial artists practice, and it is critical for training both your mind and your body to make quicker saves.

The idea is to repeat the save motions so many times that they become a programmed response that you can repeat automatically without engaging the higher (and slower) functions of your brain.

With your iPad and Goalie Trainer you can:

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Snooty Monkey Goalie Trainer is from the good folks at Snooty Monkey in Chapel Hill, NC.
Good to Great Goaltending

Goalie Trainer is based on the shadow goaltending practice technique from Adam Platzer's Good to Great Goaltending.

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